Super Bowl 2014 Location

Super Bowl 2014 Location

As early as now, some fans already wanted to know where the Super Bowl 2014 location is. You might be one of those people so let’s chit chat about it. Super Bowl 2014 Location Although I can’t really give you the exact details yet, let me give you some information that you have to look forward to.

So after the East Coast was rocked by a blizzard of epic proportions last week, the NFL is wise enough to do a contingency plan to let the Super Bowl XLVIII be played on Saturday (or Sunday in case the weather will be bad). The big game next year is set to happen at MetLife Stadium in New Jersey on February 2, 2014. Super Bowl 2014 Location Tickets.

Super Bowl XLVIII Packages Tickets 2014-02-01  East Rutherford, NJ, MetLife Stadium (Formerly New Meadowlands Stadium)

Super Bowl XLVIII Packages Tickets 2014-02-01 East Rutherford, NJ, MetLife Stadium (Formerly New Meadowlands Stadium)

According to Terry Lefton, Daniel Kaplan, and John Ourand of the Sports Business Journal however, the NFL is actually developing a plan to play the game for like a day earlier or after Sunday if the weather condition will become a threat to the start of the Super Bowl. Super Bowl 2014 Tickets The NFL is aware that it is somewhat risky to have the Super Bowl be played at New York area since MetLife Stadium does not have a roof to protect both the players and fans. Get ore info on 2014 Super Bowl Location at and

Typically, the NFL holds the Super Bowl inside a dome in a place that has a warm weather. The past week was a reminder of this risk when the East Coast experienced a foot of snow in some areas. This kind of weather conditions can be a disaster next year since the travel to and from the stadium will be impossible. The plan was not yet officially announced however but if the NFL goes with this decision, they should make it known early for fans to know. NFL Tickets

A lot of fans from outside the state may plan to arrive in New York a day before the 2014 event. If this is what’s going to happen and the game will be moved or pushed back for a day, fans may not be able to arrive on time to watch the Super Bowl Location. If not, they might be forced to extend their stay, which will make it far more costly on their side. Worse thing is, if the airports will close and no flights will come to New York before the game. Fans will have a bigger problem if this will be the case. Get Good Discount NFL 2014 Tickets

Another thing to consider is the hotels where fans can stay. Hotels should be ready to change the reservation dates if the fans decide to move their plans to a day or beyond. Hotels must be ready for this, or else they will end up leaving many people out in the cold, which will make the fans angry. The plan to move the Super Bowl 2014 Location in a day to avoid the bad weather condition is fine but they should announce it as early as possible, for all the involved parties to get prepared. Super Bowl 2014 Location.
So for now, we just have to wait for the official announcement from the NFL. Just prepare yourself on what’s going to happen so that you will not miss the big event.

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